20,000 Miles : Slide to Freedom with Salil Bhatt, Cassius Khan and Doug Cox

Slide to Freedom was a collaborative effort between the Satvik Veena exponent and inventor, Pandit Salil Bhatt, Canadian Slide Guitarist Doug Cox and myself. This album was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, USA alongside the Calvin Brothers and Blues singer/Songwriter Betty Soo and the Calvin Brothers. What was so surreal to know was that in that very same studio, giants like Elvis, Willie Mitchell, and Dolly Parton had also recorded there. One of my most memorable moments during that recording was Salil and I almost being fatally shot by a gang of thugs, as Willie Mitchell BLVD was a bad area, and after hailing over 10 taxis, one very brave Indian taxi driver took us there. When Salil and I got out of the taxi with our instruments and our rather loud kurtas, a gang of thugs started approaching us with guns, and had it not been for that taxi driver who loaded his gun and then the recording engineer showing up at that very moment we would have been finished.