Angel of Sevilla – D’arcy Greaves, Tilo Piaz, Miguel, and Cassius Khan

This is the very first recording I had done for Spanish Classical music, with the Late D’Arcy Greaves, who was a masterful and consummate Classical Guitarist. D’Arcy and I had met when I was in my teens, playing xylophone at a Junior High school band camp where he had attended to teach. After hearing my voice and Tabla he really wanted to work with me, so I obliged and met him at his guitar shoppe on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, called “Guitare Classique.” Darcy and I along with some other fantastic musicians collaborated on this album together, and then and we had toured and worked together for many years until his demise from cancer in 2004. D’arcy was a 6’2 and powerful musician, and I remember after recording a track on this album, he had taken me out to lunch at a popular Edmonton restaurant. A bunch of people were making fun of my kurta and my hair and made some nasty racist remarks to me. D’Arcy stood up and walked over to that table and punched one of the instigators, knocking him out cold, and came back and sat down so quietly you would have never known what happened. He was always a hero to me, and I dearly miss him and his musicality. D’Arcy passed away from cancer some years later.