Dark Clouds (Stu Goldberg / Cassius Khan with Jennifer Lauren)

I met the great maestro Stu Goldberg while I was touring Canada with a band on the road in 2005, in Penticton, BC, Canada. I was in complete awe of him, as he is one of the greatest musicians I had ever listened to, and whom was a huge fan of as well, as Stu had toured with John McLaughlin in the band “The Mahavishnu Orchestra.” Stu invited me to his home and studio the day after, where we played and recorded a few test sessions to see how his piano and my voice/Tabla came, and it was magical! Later, I flew to Penticton and stayed at Stu’s home and in 4 days we recorded and mixed this amazing album with his melodious daughter Jennifer Lauren Goldberg on a couple of tracks. I was also very excited to sing alongside Stu’s piano, and in the last composition, “Rain” the three of us had an amazing time trading our skills back and forth from Piano to voices, to Tabla. Stu and I also did a drum duet together, which shows Stu’s amazing versatility as a percussionist. We still work together today and are looking forward to touring and recording another album very soon! This is one of the most amazing projects I ever worked on.