Dark Matter

Anuj Rastogi and I have had a wonderful friendship and working relationship since 2003. We have worked on many projects and recordings together. We started working on Omnesia, a collaborative started by Anuj in Electronica and dubstep music. Dark Matter is one of our many collaborations in which I lent my Tabla and voice to Anuj’s Electronica beats. Currently we are in the midst of finishing a duo album together and it is aiming to be finished by 2016. There are many wonderful memories between us and the recording of this album. I had made up a rather harsh voice of a character we named “Ralph” and I started using it all the time. One day, after a recording session, we all went out to a restaurant to eat dinner, and when the waitress asked if there were five of us I said “NOOO SSSIIIXXXX..” in that Ralph voice… The waitress was so scared she almost fainted and she ran off. That was awkward but we had a huge laugh about it later!