Demons Dream : Martone

I worked on a track in this album called “What The Hell” with one of my favourite Guitarists, Dave Martone in about 1999. He had asked me to come in and record Tablas on this soundtrack, and was finding that most drummers were having a difficult time with a particular mathematical variation in his guitar playing, so he wanted me to come in and work on the track. Being a Tabla player, I have always been familiar with a lot of mathematical playing techniques, so I came in and nailed it in one track. Dave and I have always had a wonderful friendship and working relationship, and that helped me understand his dynamic playing. The best part was that Dave lived directly behind my Guruji Mushtari Begum’s house, so all I had to do was skip over and jam with him. We had many many laughs, and to this day call each other “Sausage” as nicknames!