The master himself, the great Ustad Qasim Khansaheb tuning one of Cassius Khan’s specially crafted Tablas


One of the World’s leading Tabla makers, Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi and Sons have been crafting Tablas for the past 40 years, and learned his craft from the famed Ustad Akbar Mian Hyderabadi. The instruments Khansaheb crafts are well known around the world for their A grade Sheesham wood Dayans and Bayans, made from an A grade Copper, Nickel or Brass. The sound of their Tablas are also unmatched in sustain, tuning and tone, using only the highest grade of skins. The Siyahi is also blended with a secret recipe for its longevity and is applied painstakingly in many layers to produce optimum tuning and feel. Their Tablas are sought after in the world today, and are played by many masters of Tabla playing.

Asides from their Tablas, Ustad Qasim Khan & Sons also specialize in crafting Pakhawaj, Dholak, Naal and other leather instruments. 

Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi being awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award by the Hon. President of India

In 1976 Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi was honoured by the Gandharva Maha Vidhyalay and the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts in New Delhi for his high level of craftsmanship. More recently, Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award by the Honourable President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan ( Inset). This is the first ever award given to any Tabla maker in India, and the highest award ever given to Artists by the Indian Government.

In February 2015, Ustad Qasim Khan and Sons were given the title as the “World’s Best Tabla Makers” by the Sangeet Natak Akademi and the Government of India.

Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi’s sons, Mahmood Niyazi, Mujeeb Niyazi and Gulam Niyazi are the new generation of Tabla makers, and have proven to be the worthy successors of Khansaheb’s craft. For the last four years, after vigorous training from their father, they have proven their skills by the hundreds of Tabla sets they have made for professional musicians in India and abroad. Their attention to quality, detail and workmanship is such, that it is impossible to differentiate a tabla crafted by the father or the sons!

Cassius Khan is endorsed by and exclusively plays Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi’s Tablas, and their quality is easily appreciated in Cassius Khan’s recordings. Cassius is the only Tabla player in the world to be endorsed by them.

If you would like to own these specially crafted Tablas, please contact Ustad Qasim Khan at 01191 941 019 7401 or go their website

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Cassius Khan with Mahmood Khan Niyazi, Master Tabla craftsman and eldest son of Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi 

Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi & Sons have launched the “Cassius Khan Ghazal/Tabla Wizard Style Model” which is available on special order. Cassius Khan has favoured the bigger and more unique Bayan design over the more conventional rounded design. The Bayan ( Bass) tabla is a taller sized and unique shaped design which has superior sound quality and esthetics. The Dayan  (Treble drum) is an Indian Sheesham wood instrument with the highest quality of materials. This Tabla set has amazing tone, sustain, and design, a must for all Tabla players! The Cassius Khan Tabla Model is a truly unique design and is exclusively offered by Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi and Sons.