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    “Over the past 8 years of training from Cassius, I have become not only a better Indian Classical singer but also a better musician all around. He is a WONDERFUL & patient teacher.”
    Disha Mehta
    “Cassius Khan is a gifted musician and a gifted teacher. His extensive musical knowledge and amazing technique along with an encouraging attitude and warm hospitality make every lesson a joy!”
    Joe McDonald
    “Having played Tabla in my own style for many years, I was delighted to meet Cassius and see how many varieties and ‘gharana’s he is versed in. Knowledgeable, thoughtful and instinctive as a teacher are just some ways I would describe Cassius.

    As an Olympic Coach myself I can say that his ability to adapate to my learning style is outstanding. That is, instead of having only one way to teach, he has an ability to modify and make learning easier for me. I would recommend Cassius as an instructor to anyone wishing to pursue Tabla as an instrument in their life.”

    “I have been learning from him for about a year and a half. Ever since I have been taking lessons from Cassius, I have improved a lot. I find Cassius is a great teacher because he is not afraid to stretch my comfort zone in order to teach me how to strive towards achieving my goal. Cassius teaches me proper techniques to play tabla, which I really enjoy. I feel nurtured and comfortable when I’m learning from Cassius. He is honest in telling me how I’m doing, even if it’s sometimes a little blunt. He gives constructive feedback with clarity and I’m thankful for that. Cassius is very passionate about music. I would definitely recommend him to anybody that has an interest to learn Indian classical music.”
    Rahul Prasad
    “Cassius is truly one of the most humble, sincere and genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Despite of his incredible talent, international successes and milestone achievements, he maintains a strong level of modesty and humility. Given my background as a guitar player focused on contemporary rock and blues, Cassius impressed me by his swift ability to connect with different genres and embrace unconventional forms of music. My experience learning tablas with Cassius opened up new possibilities in playing other instruments. I received countless tips on improving vocals, creating compositions, managing musical projects and much more. I would highly recommend Cassius to any aspiring or professional musician seeking to understand traditional Indian music and it’s application to contemporary world music. Thank you Cassius for being a remarkable source of inspiration.”
    Ashar Kazi, Lead Singer of Mausiki
    “Wow! Cassius Khan blew my mind our first lesson. First of all his teaching space is gorgeous and he welcomed me so warmly that it immediately created an inspired and comfortable space in which to learn. Secondly, I have never had a teacher who made Indian classical music so interesting and accessible. Cassius explained it so well and immediately identified the areas where I needed work, and how what we were doing specifically applied. I sing not only Hindi music but also English music and it became apparent how Indian classical music would provide the technical foundation that would take me to the next level in all genres. Cassius’s simple and beautiful explanations in combination with his experience and clever insight into an individual singer and how to help them develop their skill set make him an invaluable teacher. I started seeing a difference in my vocals very quickly because of his intelligent approach. To top it off he is a beautiful and generous person that will make you look forward to your lesson each week. I highly recommend Cassius if you are looking for a positive and effective learning experience.”
    Tazneem, Tazneem
    “Cassius Khan is a talented, kind, enthusiastic and excellent teacher. He teaches in a way that is fun and suitable for the student. Cassius teaches me Indian Classical Vocals. He has taught me breath control, vocal dynamics, vocal exercises and more. Cassius is a funny and thoughtful person. He knows his students very well. In the end, Cassius is an outstanding teacher and a great person.”
    Bela Desai
    “Cassius is an amazing role model. He teaches me tabla and vocals. I have learned not only how to play the tabla and sing, but I have understood the meaning of singing and playing the tabla. I have learned the difference between Indian classical music and pop music. He is not just a spectacular teacher, he is also a very nice and kind person. If you were to learn from him, you would definitely benefit from the experience.”
    Navik Desai
    “Cassius Khan is a role model and an exceptionally special human being. He is one of the most talented tabla artists I have ever come across in my life and am truly blessed to have him as a guru and moreover pillar of strength in my life. He is the sort of person that if you show him one ounce of love he will return it with a Taj Mahal of interest. Truly one of the best type of people you could ever spend time with.
    As a teacher, Cassius is such a perfect medley of strictness and love. Never has he made me feel intimidated because of his stature in repertoire or mastery over the instrument. He has been so encouraging and appreciates any small thing that I do, which is the true nature of a selfless teacher. He has a very unique ability and knack to know how to push a student of any capacity to their limit.
    As a performer, the title of Tabla and Ghazal wizard is very apt. He is thunderous and tremendously charismatic performer. He has the ability to cater to an audience that has never ever seen a tabla before and equally well to a seasoned and critical audience. His development of the art and mastery over the tablas makes him one of the most versatile percussionist in the world. He can literally change his playing style to accommodate any type and level of music.
    This a one of kind man that you must get to know. Sit down for a chai with him once and you will feel closer to him than you may with even your best friend you’ve known for decades. This, out of all his accomplishments in my opinion, is the most notable account of his greatness.”
    Abhishek Iyer